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Release Date:2023-04-18


        In April 2023, the 108th National Sugar and Liquor Commodity Fair officially opened in Chengdu. As the world's leading brand of jumping candy, Shantaijia actively prepared for the exhibition this time, and presented a number of series of new jumping candy products to the merchants.






      Through colorful product display, sweet and interesting tasting interaction, the new products of this exhibition are loved by customers and friends, and the number of customers who have traded on the spot has reached a record high of "spring sugar", with nearly 200 intended customers, which shows the huge market potential of jumping candy as a fun food.






This time, Shantai debuted "Spring Candy" with a new and upgraded brand image, presenting the young and fresh sweet fun of Jumping Candy to everyone.



Shantaijia Fun Factory


       All the products on display are produced using the third-generation jumping candy technology.






      The third-generation jumping candy was jointly developed by Shantai and South China University of Technology, and after internal transformation, it brought a greater jumping sensation and improved the temperature tolerance of the jumping candy to 52°C. In addition, it also reduces the air pressure by 7kg, which can better care for our oral mucosa. After the quality upgrade, the jumping candy has brought a better consumer experience.






Jumping Candy 3.0


      In order to better serve global customers and shorten the delivery cycle on the premise of ensuring quality, Shantai has added jumping candy production and packaging equipment, and the existing automation equipment can complete a 40-foot high container in only 2 working days. In the future, we will continue to optimize the production process and process, improve the degree of automation and production capacity, and continue to provide customers with more cost-effective high-quality jumping candy products.




Fully automatic production workshop

In this exhibition, Shantai extended and expanded the category of jumping candy around the jumping candy. In addition to the classic pure jumping candy products that have been selling well for more than 20 years, Shantai has also brought new categories of jumping candy products.



Newly introducedJourney to the WestPounding vitamin C sugarBaida Rock seriesPounding taste candyPounding sugar-free mintsJumping gummiesand other series of products, which will better fit the current consumer trend.



Driven by the "spring tide" in the consumer industry, Shantai sincerely invites all partners to work together to create a new future, bring more high-quality products to consumers, and bring more interesting consumption experience.


On April 19-21, Shantai will meet you in Shenzhen

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