Announcement on the release of the seventh batch of "Guangdong Famous Brands" evaluation results
Release Date:2024-01-02
     "Guangdong well-known brand" is the business card of Guangdong's economy, and it is an excellent brand in Guangdong with high brand awareness, reputation, association, loyalty and brand equity value. Guangdong well-known brand evaluation is a comprehensive brand evaluation of Guangdong brands striving for international leadership, consumer trust and distinctive culture, and is the vane of Guangdong's brand economic development.
      Guangdong Shantou Food Co., Ltd.'s brand "Baida" has gone through multiple rounds of selection starting from October 12, 2023. After comprehensive evaluation links such as enterprise declaration, qualification review, application material verification, on-site spot check, industry visibility research, public inquiry, and expert review. Finally, it passed the general rules and group standards for the evaluation of well-known brands in Guangdong. Finally, it was awarded the "Guangdong Famous Brand". It is one of the only three companies on the list in Chaoshan.
      In the future, Shantai Food will always adhere to the dual strategy of technological innovation and quality improvement, and continue to provide product production efficiency and product quality.
Anbu Town, Chao'an District, Chaozhou, China