The first phase of Shantaijia's corporate culture counseling ended successfully
Release Date:2022-06-15

On June 13, 2022, the first phase of Shantaijia's corporate culture counseling was successfully concluded under the guidance of Mr. Sun Hailan, a corporate culture expert. The "family members" gained a lot during the four-day tutoring.



Mr. Hong issued a letter of appointment to Mr. Sun



At the project kick-off meeting, Shantai set up a corporate culture group and clarified the responsibilities of each team member. After the professional training of Mr. Sun Hailan, the "family" clarified the importance and connotation of corporate culture, and learned the method of orderly development of corporate culture projects.


The picture shows that the members of the project team participated in the training seriously


At the end of the kick-off meeting, Hong Yonghong, general manager of Shantaijia, emphasized that the 40th anniversary of Shantai will be celebrated soon. In the new stage and new journey, the sustainable development of Shantai is inseparable from the combing and construction of corporate culture.

The construction of Shantai corporate culture system can enable the "family" to systematically understand the spiritual core of Shantai's family inheritance, and then have a sense of belonging like home on the basis of understanding, and finally unify the style of work, promote the company's good development, and common prosperity with employees.


The picture shows Mr. Hong Yonghong, the general manager, speaking at the kick-off meeting


In the future, the company will continue to attract outstanding talents to participate in the joint construction and dissemination of Shantai's corporate culture. The company will also give special funds to carry out supporting activities, so that all Shantai people can participate in the process of learning, accompanied by harvest and joy. I wish the "family" success and learning!


The picture shows Mr. Sun (fifth from left) taking a group photo with Shantai people at the project kick-off meeting


Anbu Town, Chao'an District, Chaozhou, China